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August 7, 2020 8:26 AM

August 7, 2020 - Daily Update

Building Safety & Permits
Good morning, Building Safety & Permits has 62 inspections for today, Aug. 7, 2020, dispersed among 6 field inspectors.

As a precaution related to Coronavirus Bldg E is open to the public by appointment only. For further assistance or to schedule an appointment, please call Building Safety & Permits (757 253-6626), Stormwater & Resource Protection (757 253-6670) or Records Management (757 253-6730)
No one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days is permitted to enter. Face Masks are required.

Reminder that approved plans must be on site for ALL inspections including trade inspections.

JCC PermitLink Upgraded

The James City County online permitting system was upgraded!
To better serve our citizens, the new upgrade of JCC PermitLink includes several new features including:

• An updated home page with links to commonly used actions;
• A new Applicant Assistant feature to help users more quickly identify the needed application type for their projects;
• Users will also find a new summary tab on their plans and permits with updates on recent actions taken on the case. This will provide increased visibility into the application status; and
• New quick links to request inspections and pay invoices.

New and improved user guides for the upgraded JCC PermitLink system will also be available on the James City County website at or in JCC PermitLink under "Supplemental Documents".

Citizens can contact any of the following County divisions with questions regarding this upgrade:

• Building Safety and Permits: 757-253-6626
• Stormwater and Resource Protection: 757-253-6670
• Planning/Zoning: 757-253-6685

Re-inspection Policy
Please note that all re-inspection fees must be paid PRIOR to requesting a re-inspection.

Modified Inspection Protocols as a result of COVID-19
To enhance the safety of Building Safety & Permits (BS&P) inspectors and our customers, we will triage inspections based on the ability to limit person-to-person contact according to the best available data and the following protocols.
When and where there is the greatest opportunity to limit person-to-person contact, inspections will continue with minimal changes. These are inspections that are performed outside in open air environments; such as, footings, foundations, floor framing, decks, temporary power poles, underground utility trench inspections, and similar. Most often these inspections may be performed without anyone else present.

When and where there is a moderate ability to limit person-to-person contact (those inspections that typically occur in environments where the work area is enclosed), BS&P inspectors will evaluate each situation and may take any of the following measures: 1) request that those present temporarily leave the space until the inspection is completed; 2) request to use approved video or photographic means to verify code compliance; 3) request that the inspection be rescheduled for a different time (possibly the same day); or 3) recommend to the permit holder that he or she request a waiver of the inspection, as allowed by USBC Section 113.1: “when the construction cost is less than $2,500 the inspection may, at the discretion of the inspecting authority be waived.” Examples of these inspections may include framing and insulation inspections, trade rough-in / final inspections, and building final inspections.

When and where there is limited to no ability to limit person-to-person contact, the inspectors will review appropriate actions with their supervisor and then coordinate with the permit holder prior to initiating the inspection. These may be inspections in occupied homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In occupied homes, the inspectors and their supervisor may choose to use options 2 or 3, as noted above. For nursing homes and assisted living facilities, the inspector’s supervisor may suggest that the permit holder seek approval of a third-party inspector, in accordance with the building official’s written policy (

Requests to submit video and/or photographs in lieu of work area visits by BS&P inspectors must be pre-approved by the Director of Building Safety & Permits or the Inspections Section Chief. Such exhibits must include a way to verify the date, time and location as well as the identity of the person taking the video or photograph.

Please see this link regarding 3rd Party Inspections which REQUIRE pre-approval by the Inspection Chief. You may email Allen Turner to request pre approvals.

Board of Supervisors Update
Due to COVID-19, and in order to help applicants complete as many transactions as possible remotely, the JCC Board of Supervisors has waived all credit card and e-check convenience charges through Aug. 5, 2020.

Contact: 757-253-6626

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