Litter League

Litter is more than just an eyesore; it affects our quality of life. Litter is expensive to clean up, decreases property values (more than 7%), pollutes local waterways (ending up in the ocean), attracts pests which spread disease, and harms wildlife through ingestion and entrapment.


In 2021, Keep America Beautiful published The Keep America Beautiful 2020 National Litter Study. The study found 50 billion pieces of litter in the United States, split almost evenly along waterways and highways. Research shows that litter attracts litter – therefore litter cleanups are the best way to prevent future littering. If every American picked up 152 pieces of litter, we would have litter-free nation!


Concerned citizens often reach out to the County wanting to participate in a cleanup event. We have developed the Litter League to help individuals, families, organizations and businesses to perform cleanups in their local areas. Litter League kits provide groups with everything they need to perform a cleanup, including a 5-gallon bucket, litter grabbers, safety vests, disposable gloves and trash bags.

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How do I get a kit?

For a one-time cleanup, Litter League kits are available for check out at the Williamsburg Regional Library (both the James City County and Williamsburg locations have kits available). To join the Litter League, gather your Team, complete the Team Agreement Form, and pick up your kit at the General Services Administrative Building (107 Tewning Road).

What do I have to do?

We ask that all participants read and sign the Safety Guidelines and Waiver before performing their cleanup. After each cleanup, simply scan the QR code on your bucket or click on the Litter Cleanup Report Form to report your cleanup details. We use the data from cleanup reports to apply for grants to purchase more litter kits.

For Litter League Teams, we ask that teams use their kit at least once a month.