Fire & Life Safety Education

Preschool/Daycare Programs 

Studies show that children under 5 are at greater risk of death or injury by fire. It is especially important for this age group to become comfortable with firefighters so they will not hide in an emergency!

Our program has two parts:
  • classroom visit from a firefighter and 
  • tour of a fire truck.

School leaders are encouraged to create a plan for groups of children to rotate between the classroom and fire truck.

During the classroom visit a firefighter will dress in his or her gear one piece at a time, giving the children the opportunity to interact and explore in a fun, non-threatening environment. This also reinforces concepts of consistency as the children learn that firefighters are the same community helpers, with or without a mask.

Note: Children under the age of 3 often have a difficult time with this concept. In order to establish a positive relationship with community helpers from an early age we recommend that groups of very young children participate in the fire truck portion only.

For Preschool Teachers: 

The US Fire Administration has teamed up with Sesame Workshop to provide Free Educational Program and Materials for Preschool Teachers to empower children ages 3-5 with essential fire safety information and skills.

Community Safety Presentations

Safety education is for all ages! We frequently speak to:
  • Church Groups
  • Scouting Troops
  • Homeowners Associations, and
  • Business Owner Associations
Presentations are catered to the venue, requested subject matter and needs of the group.


School-age Programs 

We have partnered with WJCC schools to deliver safety education congruent with SOL's.

We also gladly serve private schools and home-school associations.

View our lesson plans to learn more:

Schedule a Safety Presentation or School Program


Please submit the following online form at least 3 weeks in advance:
Safety Presentation Request Form

Due to fire crew shift rotations, final confirmation of scheduling may take up to 7 business days.
Fire trucks are on duty at all times. Scheduled appearances are subject to delay or cancellation without notice due to emergency calls. In the event the fire crew is called away to an emergency every attempt will be made to reschedule your program.